Private Brand Design and sourcing

In today’s fast pace and ever changing fashion industry, the need for a keen understanding of trends and a constant monitoring of those trends has become of paramount importance.

Triple 5 sends teams to monitor the retail landscape of Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, subscribes to numerous trend forecasting services and conduct other types of industry research. A combination of market data and the experience of our sales and product development teams allows to to produce and deliver on-trend fashionable products for our expansive retail customer base.

The Triple 5 design labs boast an 8,000 square foot library and full service photo studio as well as a full automated and integrated platform powered by Jonar and Lectra. Triple 5 has a fully technical production team to support our design efforts allowing to service all apparel needs.

The advantage of Triple 5’s private label design and sourcing servicing are the one-stop-shop approach for our clientele. We also work with clients to fully label their product as their own while keeping their corporate ascetics intact.

The sourcing team has at its disposal a matrix of global vendors that span the globe to provide up-to-date fabrics, washes, finished, fabrics, and treatments . We manage an efficient and socially responsible Asian  supply chain that comprises the following countries:

China, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia

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